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Tyrese Gibson stars, produces new edge-of-your-seat thriller 'Rogue Hostage'

Tyrese Gibson stars, produces new edge-of-your-seat thriller 'Rogue Hostage'

Saturday, June 12, 2021 8:49PM

HOLLYWOOD -- In "Rogue Hostage," Tyrese Gibson plays a Marine veteran dealing with some demons who's now suddenly dealing with a hostage drama inside his stepfather's store. Now he may have to save the day, with plenty of hold-on-to-the-edge-of-your-seat moments. "We wanted to make everything as friction and tension thick as we could because this is a real situation that people live and experience every single day, unfortunately, in this country," said Gibson. "I just tried my best to, like, stay in that place, in that dark and that uncomfortable place and just keep people rooting for me while hoping for the white knuckle moments where you're like, 'Man, is it over? Is it going to happen? Is he going to make it to the end?" Gibson also worked as a producer on "Rogue Hostage." "We did about 60 pages of re-writes on the script which was a beautiful thing because after the re-write happened, that's how we were able to secure John Malkovich and I was like, 'Yes!'" Gibson said. "Rogue Hostage" is available now on demand.

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