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The Tracker Exclusive Trailer: Dolph Lundgren Wants Justice

By Sandy Schaefer (SCREEN RANT)

Exclusive: Dolph Lundgren plays a man out for revenge (or, rather, justice) in the trailer for his upcoming action-thriller, The Tracker.

Dolph Lundgren is out for revenge (or, rather, justice) in the trailer for his upcoming action-thriller, The Tracker. More than thirty years after his film debut in the James Bond adventure A View to a Kill, Lundgren's action movie career is still alive and well. He even starred in back to back hits late last year thanks to Creed II - where he reprised his role as Rocky IV villain Ivan Drago - and DC's Aquaman (where he played King Nereus). For his next vehicle, The Tracker, Lundgren is returning to pulpy low-budget fare, which has long been his bread and butter as an actor.

Directed by Giorgio Serafini (Johnny's Gone, Game of Death), The Tracker stars Lundgren as a "troubled warrior" who loses his family after they're taken hostage and killed, despite his efforts to negotiate their release. Some time after, the man returns to his home village in the hope of solving the mystery behind his loved ones' deaths... and to punish the ones responsible. With its August release date right around the corner, the film's marketing is getting up and going this week.

Screen Rant is exclusively debuting The Tracker trailer online, courtesy of Lionsgate. You can check it out in the space below.

Cowritten by Serafini and relative newcomers Rab Berry, Scott Mallace, and Maria L. Morrison, The Tracker appears to be a fairly straightforward Taken-esque thriller so far. It ought to play to Lundgren's strengths, in that respect, and may even give him the chance to further show off the dramatic chops that he demonstrated with his performance as the older, damaged Ivan Drago in the Creed sequel. The film itself is slated to open in early August, so it may yet attract those cinema buffs who feel like staying in and catching a lean, mean B-movie that weekend.

As for the future: Lundgren already has several projects in some stage of post-production and slated to arrive sometime after The Tracker. There's also a possibility that he will return as Ivan Drago in Creed III, assuming that the film eventually comes to pass (which, based on Creed II's box office performance, seems likely). Sylvester Stallone still hasn't given up on making Expendables 4 a reality either, so Lundgren may yet end up reprising his Expendables series role as Gunner for a fourth time. In the meantime, his fans can enjoy watching Lundgren punish wicked men for their evil deeds when The Tracker drops next month.

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