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Red Sea Media boards '22 Chaser' for EFM sales


Roman Kopelevich’s LA-based Red Sea Media arrives in Berlin this week with sales rights to the action thriller 22 Chaser.

Dan Bekerman and Don Carmody are producing the story of an honest tow truck driver who risks everything in a desperate quest to become king of the road and provide for his family.

“Growing up in the 80’s, I became a fan of high-concept action thrillers,” Kopelevich said. “This film reminds me of those – this is a no-holds-barred action thriller.

“A man placed under extreme circumstances who needs to provide for his family has to make choices: whether to be ethical or to put food on the table. Sadly, they are mutually exclusive, as many of life’s decisions are.”

Red Sea Media also introduces documentary Fake Blood, in which Rob Grant and Mike Kovac investigate violence in films and get to know real-life criminals. LevelFilm distributes in North America this month.

Rounding out the new titles is human trafficking thriller Little Star produced by Howard Barish. “I’m thrilled to have RSM handling the first film from our slate of emerging artists and look forward to the reception it gets in the foreign marketplace,” Barish said.

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