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Red Sea flies with Eighth


EXCLUSIVE: Red Sea Media has come on to handle international sales at AFM on WWII film The Mighty Eighth, which David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman of The Fighter are on board to produce.

Rick Jacobson of Spartacus fame will direct from a screenplay he co-wrote with one of the project’s producers, Kurt Johnstad, whose writing credits include 300 and Act Of Valor.==

FX wizards and Hydraulx co-heads Greg and Colin Strause will also produce the story of an American bomber crew behind enemy lines who must survive a swarm of German fighters. CAA handles domestic rights.

“My goal with The Mighty Eighth is to create a film that not only thrills and entertains the masses, but opens eyes and honors an important part of World War II that has never been portrayed the way it actually was,” said Jacobson.

“Terrifying, intense, bloody, brutal, emotional, heroic, spectacular… all anchored around the special, emotional bond between eleven Americans boys, far from home, bound together by the darkest of days.”

“Rick’s passion is what gives me complete confidence in him as a director, and for me, producing this film is one of the easy choices of my career,” said Johnstad.

“It’s fun to work with the best, to work with people who strive to make good films with an audience in mind and who have the taste to find compelling stories and the skills to get it done,” said Red Sea Media CEO Roman Kopelevich (pictured).

“As most of the story takes place inside one B17 – it’s the perfect storm of action, heroism, and jaw-dropping visual effects that define the Hydraulx model,” said Greg Strause.

Red Sea Media’s AFM slate includes spy thriller The Borderland, buddy comedy Dumbbells, A Voodoo Possession and animation Ivan And The Grey Wolf 2.

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