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By Mirza Baig


March 28, 2023

BAFTA Award-winning actor Samuel L. Jackson and Vincent Cassel, two screen greats who are not newbies to pulsating movies have set their next intercontinental thriller. The pair are set to lead the cast for Red Sea Media and BondIt Media Capital in their upcoming action thriller, Damaged, per Deadline.

The story of Damaged will follow that of a Chicago police officer travels to Scotland after discovering that a new serial killer’s acts are similar to those he looked into five years prior, one of which was the scene of his girlfriend’s murder, probably blurring the lines of justice and vengeance for the officer in question. Filming is underway in Scotland with Red Sea Media and Bondit Media Capital partnering with Scottish streamer Stream Digital in making the film. Damaged is set to be helmed by Terry McDonough (with episode credits in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad). The film is produced by Paul Aniello and Red Sea’s Roman Kopelevich who has expressed “love” for the project while going on to add, “We have been involved with it for several years and am proud to have attracted such an amazing cast and team. Can’t wait to bring it to our partners in the distribution world.”

What’s Next for Jackson and Cassel?

Jackson has a few more gigs on his plate in the near future. The Marvels and Disney+’s Secret Invasion will see Jackson reprise his role as Nick Fury in the MCU, a role he has starred in for over a decade. In the wake of the comments made by director Quentin Tarantino on how Marvel movies had led to the decline of movie stars, Jackson, who had collaborated with the director in the past, pushed back by saying, “It takes an actor to be those particular characters, and the sign of movie stardom has always been, what, asses in seats? What are we talking about?”

Eastern Promises, whose sequel Cassel revealed was not moving forward, and Black Swan are some of the actor’s many credits. However, the La Haine alum is looking forward to some pulsating thrillers in the near future.This includes the already released French and English language original series from Apple TV+, Liaison, starring Eva Green, with the pair taking on a looming terrorist plot. Cassel and Green are set to be reunited in the upcoming Three Musketeers movie.

Who Else Stars in Damaged?

Joining Cassel and Jackson on the cast of Damaged are Kate Dickie (The Witch), Gianni Capaldi (A Day to Die) and John Hannah (The Mummy). Luke Taylor, Matthew Helderman, Marcie Sinaiko and Roman Viaris will serve as executive producers.

There is no release date set for the thriller yet.

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