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Red Sea Media to sell AIP genre slate

Updated: Aug 20, 2020


EXCLUSIVE: Roman Kopelevich’s LA-based sales company has come on to handle international sales on a reboot slate of ten American International Pictures genre classics from the 1950s.

Cinedigm will distribute the films in the US and producers Lou Arkoff and Hal Sadoff have lined up a September start on back-to-back shoots for the entire roster.

Cast and directors are expected to be announced shortly on the slate, which the producers aim to turn into an R-rated comic book-style cinematic universe with interconnecting characters.

The roster includes Girls In Prison, Viking Women & The Sea Serpent, The Brain Eaters (pictured); She-Creature and Teenage Caveman.

Rounding out the slate are Reform School Girl, The Undead, How To Make A Monster, The Cool & The Crazy and Day The World Ended.

Former New Line and Fox executive Jeff Katz wrote each script and the ten individual stories will feed into one overarching narrative. Sadoff is the former head of international and media finance at ICM who recently joined Silver Pictures Entertainment as CEO.

Arkoff is the son of the late AIP co-founder Samuel Z Arkoff and has remade AIP titles for Showtime and HBO.

AIP was founded in 1954 by James H Nicholson and Arkoff and found success with its collaboration on Roger Corman’s Edgar Allan Poe cycle.

Arkoff, Katz and Sadoff initially introduced the slate in Cannes two years ago and have

Cinedigm will release the films theatrically and via DVD, digital, TV and non-theatrical formats. The films will also feature on Cinedigm’s nascent digital network CONtv.

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