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Roman Viaris

Roman Viaris is a finance and production executive with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Mr. Viaris is presently executive producing multiple projects, as well as advising and consulting for production and distribution companies in the Entertainment industry - clients include Capstone Global and Red Sea Media, both film production and sales companies as well as Gaumont USA group, a film and television production and distribution company owned by Gaumont France.

Mr. Viaris was previously Chief Financial Officer and Head of Operations for Gaumont USA. Mr. Viaris handled all financial and administrative matters of the company including accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, lines of credits, as well as funding, structuring and financial supervision for the company’s various television and film projects - with over $500M in loan and production funding.


Prior to joining Gaumont USA, Mr. Viaris held top executive financial positions (CFO and SVP of Finance) at Nu Image / Millennium Films, Voltage Pictures, and Freedom Films, and served as executive producer and financial consultant to various independent production companies. During his tenure as finance executive, Mr. Viaris was responsible for all banking and financing matters related to film production, corporate cash flow, tax defeasance investments and government tax credits, development and maintenance of the companies’ film library valuation.  Over that period, Mr. Viaris managed the financing and funding of over 30 films with over $250 million in production funding.


Prior to his CFO and SVP Finance positions, Mr. Viaris was Assistant Vice President at Comerica Bank’s Entertainment Group.  Mr. Viaris managed a portfolio of production and corporate loans of over $200 million and was responsible for the analysis and structuring of project loans and structured corporate debts for a diverse clientele including companies such as Nu Image, Fireworks Entertainment and Seven Arts Pictures.


Roman Viaris graduated from the University of Southern California, earning a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. Roman was born in France, raised in French Polynesia (where he now currently resides), and has lived in Southern California (Los Angeles area) for over 20 years.

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