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'Where Are You' Trailer Shows a Famous Photographer's Feverish Search for Answers [Exclusive]

By: Ryan O'Rourke

Irakli Kvirikadze and Anthony Hopkins star in this indie thriller.

The trailer for Where Are You, a new indie film from Red Sea Media, about a famous photographer whose grief sends him into a downward spiral has been released, as Collider can exclusively reveal. After his girlfriend mysteriously vanishes, he receives a call from a woman claiming to know where she is. What follows is a fever dream of a search not only for his girlfriend but for who he really is at his core.

The footage starts off with its titular question before showing Nicolas Yerna (Irakli Kvirikadze) with his soon-to-be missing girlfriend Matilda (Camille Rowe). As a photographer, Nicolas is a Hollywood darling with his own book and famous photos plastered everywhere. He's shown as a bit of a ladies man, often sleeping with the same clients he shoots, though he takes a liking to the artist Matilda as she enters his life and sweeps him off his feet. Things aren't all rosy though as pressure from the media and a death close to him starts to weigh on him. He's lost his touch and Matilda is suffering for it. Everything takes a big tonal shift, however, when Matilda goes missing.

After he receives a phone call from a stranger, the real fever dream begins as he looks for answers through her life and his. He gets pulled into something deeper though when two characters played by Madelyn Brewer and an enigmatic Anthony Hopkins who tease some greater truth to Matilda's disappearance. Investigators seem to be suspicious of Nicolas as he continues his frantic search that leads him deeper into madness. The trailer leaves it open to interpretation what's real and what isn't as the ending takes on an almost dreamlike quality, leaving Nicolas unsure of himself and what to believe.

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